Friday, December 23

Broken Smile!

Okay so yesterday was supposed to be a great day out with my Lady and kid! Until IT happened.

See when I was 8 or 9 years old we had a pool with a slide! Which looking back at that IT was part of the demise yesterday! Well as little kids here I was... Climbing, running, and jumping to break free of any earthly restrictions. Summers in Houston were always hot and humid and my parents, with this as a concern, sought out a house to cool us kids off. Oddly enough the house that they chose was my sweet Granny's. Picture a bean shaped swimming pool traced with red brick. Blue water cool and deep helped us kids work off all of our adolescent energy, the kind of stuff where you JUST HAD TO move or you would explode into millions of bits of candy! It was weekday, the sun was being raided by heavy dark rain clouds, Ken and I were frantically trying to rescue G.I. Joe's from the 8 ft bottom. I then got this great idea to use the poolslide to submarine myself to the bottom. I made my way up the slide via the the end of it. The baby blue, sun-bleached slide was slick, I found if I used my feet to grip the sides, I could climb my way up. I made it about halfway, when I started to loose my footing. Stomach down and legs shaking to hold my placement, I soon found myself empty of stress because I knew that going up a slide from the front was bad idea. No sooner did I have that realization IT happened! BANG! SNAP! SCRATCH! SPLASH! In one movement I lost 4 ft of evelvation and my pride. As painful as it was when it happened it still hurts today! My footing on the slide had failed and my head had made lethal contact to the slide breaking my tooth in two. One half of the tooth stayed and the other half found its way to the depths of the pool never to be recovered again. With Ken on my side crying along with me, we made our way to the house to find my mother standing at the french doors ready to receive us. Needless to say, I spit up blood and fiber glass for 30 mins while my mom was on the phone in deliberations with our dentist.

Fast forward 18 years and many incidents with that tooth fixed and broken, you then would be here in Idaho Falls enjoying with me a breakfast sandwich and to our surprise the 3rd to the last bite of the sandwich you would've heard, with me, the snap! AGAIN! Oh Great! IT happened again--my Broken Smile.

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