Wednesday, May 24

Old School Rangefinders

Canon Canonet 28

As I advance in photography I've learned quite a bit. While brousen' other sites I came across this one where the photographer takes pics. with old rangefinder cameras. Didn't even know what a rangefinder was until then. Thus the eBay auctions I entered into to get these cameras. I took $100 and put it towards getting THREE cameras! A Canon Canonet 28, Yashica Electro 35 GS and an Argus C3. I've lost my mind I know. No less than 24 hours had passed since the cameras arrived, and I had expired and 36 exp. roll of film about the drive to the T.V. Station that I work at. Remember all these photos were taken while I was driven'. The colors and clarity are to amazing. I'm leaving for a 4 day weekend in SLC, and can't wait to use the Canon down there! Bad news the Yashica Electro 35 GS is in bad shape...oh well what's $10! Cheap old cameras that can give you clear color filled pictures what more could you ask for! And they look cool, to me!

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