Friday, January 6

Merry Late Christmas To ME!

So here is the deal... My friend here at work is total photo guru...We were both on the internet the other night and ran across some distorted pics that were taken in medium format...Then we found this internet site ...These people specialize in crazy plastic, wood, and paper cameras...Thus I ended up ordering these two cameras.

Cold But Well Worth it!

Thursday, January 5

Monday, January 2

This picture was taken in the guest bathroom down stairs. When I first saw it in the proofs I didn't like it but after a second look it has grown on me. HAPPY NEW YEAR! We rang in the new year right with Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas, and Fried Chicken. The Collards were made with our Christmas Ham Bone. It was so good, memories of my childhood came rushing back to on my first bite!