Wednesday, November 19

Monday, November 17

Nov. 17th 1978

In 30 years I :

-Participated in high school extra-curricular activities like:
Swimming, Water Polo, Stu-Co. and high school Mascot

-Received my Eagle Scout award

-Graduated From:
Alvin High School
BYU-Idaho w/Bachelors
Boise State w/Masters

-Served a 2 year mission for my church

-Married a hot chick and had two awesome children

-Landed my dream job in the Broadcasting business at BYU

-Teach at BYU

-Own an ol'pick-up and an ol'scooter

-Picked up playing the Uke, FlyFishing and Indie Music

-Mastered Mexican Mole, REAL Texas smoked BBQ, and Pork Souvlaki

-Been unable to spell words right and hate reading

Much more, these are, I feel, are my highlights. It was a great day to turn 30! Love everyone!