Friday, July 21

Salt Lake City (4)

All shot from the hip with the great Kodak Pony!

Thursday, July 20

Salt Lake City (3)

Red Post/SLC/Kodak Pony 135/July 06

Red Flag/SLC/Argus C3/July 06

*Greiner the flag is for you.

Wednesday, July 19

Salt Lake City (2) B/W

BackAlley/ SLC/ Canonet 28/ 06

TempleView/ SLC/ Canonet 28/ 06

Cleaners/ SLC/ Canonet 28/ 06

Check out this Music Video by Cat Powers which features Bill Eggleston.
Lived In Bars

Monday, July 17

Salt Lake City (1)

Red Brick/SLC/Kodak Pony 135/July 06

Sidewalk/SLC/Argus C3 /July 06