Friday, April 13


Thursday, April 12

Texas #8 (A look around the old Neighborhood) the last of it.

This is mainly for myself as a reference as to where I grew up till 3rd grade. These are not supposed to be compelling of any sort. In fact the day I took these it was gloomy and almost sad to see the condition of the old houses. One good this came out this though, all those sleepless nights and days dreaming I've had reflecting on my childhood can now be calmed to learn that at the end of Kennard Dr. the red buoy that was used for a swing, is still at the white house at the end of the street 20 years later. In the end I can help but think about how much my father loved those houses and cared for them so well , almost wish I hadn't gone back.


Wednesday, April 11

Texas #7



Tuesday, April 10

Texas #6


Monday, April 9

Texas #5 (Childhood Homes)



Sunday, April 8

Alvin, Texas #4