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Storm Coming

SankeRiver Road / Ririe, ID / 08

Wednesday, November 26

S. Fork Snake River

Fishing w/ Darren and Jon - 08 - Idaho

Wednesday, November 19

Monday, November 17

Nov. 17th 1978

In 30 years I :

-Participated in high school extra-curricular activities like:
Swimming, Water Polo, Stu-Co. and high school Mascot

-Received my Eagle Scout award

-Graduated From:
Alvin High School
BYU-Idaho w/Bachelors
Boise State w/Masters

-Served a 2 year mission for my church

-Married a hot chick and had two awesome children

-Landed my dream job in the Broadcasting business at BYU

-Teach at BYU

-Own an ol'pick-up and an ol'scooter

-Picked up playing the Uke, FlyFishing and Indie Music

-Mastered Mexican Mole, REAL Texas smoked BBQ, and Pork Souvlaki

-Been unable to spell words right and hate reading

Much more, these are, I feel, are my highlights. It was a great day to turn 30! Love everyone!

Wednesday, November 12

Prop 8 Protest in Huntington Beach on 11/3/08

Shot this the night before the election.

Tuesday, November 11

Saturday, November 1

Steve Perry shows up at the Docks.


Journey says, "Hey Steve let's go and shoot that epic video we've been talking about for like the past few weeks!"

Steve replys, "Yeah Man!

Journey asks, "Where we gonna do this?"

Steve looks blankly at them and then says in a mono tone voice, "The docks."

"Excellent Steve... nothing screams the ultimate break-up rock ballad with invisible instruments!" exclaimed Journey.

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Sunday, September 28

5 Year Olds Can go to a Concert and ROCK!

Took Ogden to see his first live music concert because he turned 5! Check out Paul Jacobson and the Madison Arm we really had a lot of fun.

Monday, September 15

Hurricane Ike.

This photo was taken in 07 of our house in Alvin Texas. Once again our house dodged a bullet by not getting completely blow away.

Saturday, September 6

16 inches

Middle Provo River / Trash Caddis

Friday, September 5

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Saturday, August 23

Trash Caddis

Ahh the wonderment of fishing at dark with trash caddises -- elk hair caddis... I tied. See last entry below.

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Tuesday, August 19


Thanks Uncle Ryan!

Sunday, August 10

World's Best

Alicia's 27 th B-Day Dinner. / 08

Saturday, August 2

Hate talking BBQ.

Dollar Wash / Provo, UT / 08

Thursday, July 24

BYU Broadcasting Commercial Shoot

Monday, July 14

Travels /NE Trip /2008

Wednesday, July 9

The Farm / NE / 2008

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More NE, / Stuff / 2008