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Wednesday, October 25

College Football the new Christmas...

Well photo fans I'm just informing you of a new passion that I have now, that's college football. I cheered last year for BYU's blue and white, but this year I've found myself cheering for not only BYU, but WSU and BSU. Maybe I've lost it who knows but I consider my self a Cougar X 2 that rides with the Broncos. Last weekend one of my best buds, Adam and I, headed up to Washington State where we met up with his Dad and friends. We tail gated for TWO days! Never had I done this before, but there I was in Pullman Washington throwing the football and eating Adam's family pickels. Adam's Dads friends were so awesome to chum around with, at one point I found myself yelling at the top of my lungs with them the song "Old Man" by Neil Young. What a fantsic time we had, and the game was a blast too. I "Cougged" it so hard I yelled at one the of WSU star players,"Bumpus I wanna have you baby!" Of course in true Julian fashion! All in all WSU beat Oregon(19) and we slept in a tent.


Tuesday, October 24

Go Cougs!/FM10/06