Tuesday, December 20


Here's how to slap together a rack of ribs with no fuss. Before I begin I must say that BBQ is really your own interpretation as to the spice and meat. The key is TIME! Another thought is wood, charcoal, and gas all help in this process, but have you ever thought about the house hold oven? Yes, it is true that these other heating methods give of extra taste (excluding gas), so when deciding with which way to heat the meat you really need to factor in "How dedicated am I at this" and "What kind of flavor am I looking for?" I hate staying up all night long tending a fire! I hate over smoking a prime piece of meat!
So with that here is my take on a NO FUSS RACK OF PORK RIB!
  1. Get a 3 1/2 lb. of Pork Spare Rib. (Baby Backs just cost to much and the meat amount is less!)
  2. Pre-heat the oven to 200 deg.
  3. Now get to work on those ribs...Season generously, when it comes to Pork the name of the game is GARLIC, SALT, and PEPPER! You can do others, but it just isn't the same, because remember you are cooking this in the oven. With out the help of natural wood smoke, and charcoal, those other spices seem to drown out the taste of the PIG!
  4. Others will say, "What about the membrane on the backside? (the Silver Skin) F-O-R-G-E-T-A-B-O-U-T-I-T! By the time we're done it will be but a memory!
  5. Meat is seasoned and the oven hot time to go! Wrap the ribs (one rack at a time if doing more than one) in heavy duty foil. Make it's nice and tight! Then place the ribs on a cookie sheet and close it up!
  6. Now wait! The smells of the meat slow cooking inside might persuade to open and peek, Don't do it! Or Santa won't come for you this year!
  7. 5 or 6 hours later you can't stand it Right?! Well okay you can take them out only to put them into a cooler (Coleman, Igloo) with some towels on the bottom and on top of the foil wrapped meat. Basically you want to blanket the meat with the towels. Let it set for an hour or more the longer it sets with out you peeking the tender it will be!
  8. Now you are done! Enjoy with an RC Cola and a side of Vinegar Coleslaw which I will talk about next!

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haha. this is great