Tuesday, January 1

Look Out BYU!

Dec. 31 I finished my time at Channel 8 KIFI in Idaho Falls.


Mark said...

So you're leaving KIFI... what about all the good times and fond memories?

Lacey said...


I figured this was as good a place to comment as any. I certainly found myself missing you tonight when it was 9:15 and my cold open wasn't done and I had teases and such to do to get ready for the 10:00...

I really hope Provo is treating you well and all of the kids are as fabulous as I am...(j/k).

You might be glad to know that I'm settling into directing Sportline and Alyssa isn't half bad, either.

BTW, if you've got Adam's email address at his new station I'd appreciate that... I couldn't find it on their station Web site.

Thank you!