Saturday, September 15

My Fish for the Season.

Adam and I headed out early this Sat. morning for our spot in Rire. We got there so early that sun hadn't even woken up yet. The water was cool and when the sun finally came out to play we had been attacking the river banks for a good hour and a half. I was severing up a heaping helping of Chernob. Both Adam and I were fruitless until "Jeff" took my bait! I was in my back cast when WHAM!... A few minutes later I was holding a good 16 inches of Idaho's finest! It was pretty Brown and so amazing! Don't plan on giving the low down on every fish I catch in the future this was just my first BIG one!

The camera was dropped in the water when Adam fell in 2 weeks ago thus the lines.

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Darren said...

That looks fun. We should fish together some time.