Monday, May 29

Home Again, Home Again, Jigadey Jog.

Canon Canonet 28

Salt Lake City 06

Daddy & Kaelyn Dance

So we made it back after a kinda 4 day weekend in Salt City. We spent our time BBQn' Ribs and Salmon, going to a wedding and playing outside in the 75 deg. backyard at Brian's home. I've been able to relax...Finally! Thus the end of one and the begging of a another. If you were wondering about Rangefinder cameras give this a looksee.


H.O said...

Hi Julian
You had good time good for you... :-)
Nice pictures especially top one...
I really love that image. That's N.Amarica!! my dream :)

In my photo blog(Japanese version from yesterday and between me friends talking
about green color and some picture example .
I want to introduce you and show that picture could I do that?. If possible.
That was timly =)

Brent Vermilyea said...

Good to hear about the relaxation. I've been getting a lot as of late. Nice captures. The first one is very moody. I like it. Regards, Brent

MrC said...

hey there Julian!
love the top shot .. has a great feeling to it, the colours & light, & of course that retro american stylee like a classic b-movie still!

micki said...

Nice shot with the new/used camera!! I'll bet you're having fun with that!